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About GoHire

GoHire is a collaboration tool for companies to put all their hiring in one place. Launched in 2016, GoHire is growing rapidly with companies all over the world using our hiring tools to transform how they recruit. From big tech companies to local restaurants, GoHire helps companies recruit better.

A brief history

The creation of GoHire was born out of frustrations with expensive and inefficient recruitment. Annoyed by the lack of tools available to us during our hiring drive, we knew there must be a better way of doing it. Why wade through endless spreadsheets, when it can be so, so much easier?

We come to work every day to solve the most significant problems companies face when hiring staff. Motivated by helping you succeed in business, accelerate your growth, and making everything run as smoothly as possible. If we can free up your time, allowing you to do what you’re best at - we’re happy.

That’s why we built GoHire - an easy-to-use hiring platform that makes managing candidates, scheduling interviews and hiring new staff a breeze. Fast-growing companies across the world are using GoHire to find top candidates and build a great team.

Oh, and why are we in York? Why not jump into the startup scene of the capital? Well, we enjoy the unique quality of life here. Few other places offer the work environment, natural environment, and calm (yet busy!) environment like York.